Russia boycott announced by nightlife businesses and policymakers

Half of Europe Nightlife Network

Statement on Putin’s war in Ukraine

We, representatives of nightlife businesses and policymakers in Eastern Europe, call on the world’s nightlife communities to support Ukraine and boycott Putin’s Russia.

We cannot remain neutral while our friends in Kyiv are under attack by a dictator’s army with no basis in international law and no protection of human rights. He has already left a trail of destruction from Georgia to Crimea. What happens now in Ukraine will set precedents all over the world.

Our movement is based on peace, love, unity and respect. Putin has shown he understands none of these things.

We therefore ask our friends and colleagues around the world to isolate and boycott Russia until Ukraine’s sovereignty is no longer under threat from Putin’s aggression.

  • No serving Russian drinks or any other products in clubs, bars and restaurants
  • No travel to Russia or accepting invitations to perform in Russia
  • No consultancy work for Russian municipalities or other governmental agencies
  • Organise events and share the images online to show Ukrainans your support
  • Raise money for the Ukrainian armed forces and NGOs operating in the area
  • Contact your government and urge them to support Ukraine with more than words
  • Fly a Ukrainian flag in your window, wherever you are

Nightlife is freedom. That’s why we stand with Ukraine.


Half of Europe Nightlife Network
Vilnius, 2022-02-26


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